Using SSH Tunnel From with FireFox and as a Socks Proxy

This is the tutorial for using SSH Tunnel from with FireFox and/or as a Socks Proxy.

IMP NOTE:Don’t try to use ssh tunnel with normal unix shell accounts, if found your shells will be terminated without refunds, ssh tunnel is only allowed to users/clients who have orderd ssh tunnel proxy from

1. Create a new PuTTY session
Run PuTTY and create a new session in PuTTY to connect to the IP of your ssh tunnel server from Fill in the hostname as your IP (The IP that you got in your ssh tunenl activation email) the port “22”, make sure SSH is checked, give it a session name e.g. ssh tunnel and save it:

Putty Screen Shot 1
Putty Screen Shot 1

2. How Configure a secure tunnel
Click on “Tunnels” on the left and set up dynamic fowarding for a local port (e.g. 7070). Under “Add new forwarded port” type in 7070 for the source port, leave the destination blank, and check Auto and Dynamic. Then it the Add button. If you did it correctly, you’ll see D7070 listed in the Forwarded Ports box:

That’s it for ssh tunnel, there is no need to create more than one. Remember to save your session profile in PuTTY so you don’t have to set up the tunnel next time.

3. Connect to the remote SSH box
Double click on the connection profile and type in your username and password when prompted.

4. Configure Firefox
Go to Tools, Options, General, and then click on Connection Settings

Check Manual Proxy Configuration, leave most of the fields blank, but fill in for the SOCKS v5 host with a port of 7070 (or whatever you used in Step 2):

That’s it. From now on, as long as you first log into the remote ssh host with PuTTY, your Firefox traffic will be routed over a secure tunnel to the remote host and then out to the Net. Good stuff.

You can now use the ip and port 7070 with all your softwares including email clients, IM etc… that supports socks proxy

3 thoughts on “Using SSH Tunnel From with FireFox and as a Socks Proxy”

  1. I have done as advised but still find it hard to browse via firefox….

    Error Message: The proxy server is refusing connections

    1. Make sure you have specified correct IP and port in firefox and don’t specify IP or port in http or other section or proxy settings, just specify as ip and the port that you specified in your ssh tunnel for proxy as port in your browser socks proxy settings, all other proxy fields should be blank

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