Under New Management, New URL, New Website and New User Interface….

Better Support online for 24 hours/7 days a week/365 days of the year…..

All the above with the same cheap prices…..

We at are working hard to provide you with the best possible service…..

Current customers will not be affected by this change and will enjoy this new benefits…..

Your New Payment invoices will now reflect Parsan Hosting LLC –

Please let us know how we can make your experience with us more enjoyable by emailing us at

If you still go to, it will redirect you to the new URL

Domain Price for .com .net and .org updated

Due to recent increase in price by Verisign and other registries we are being forced to increase price for .com, .net and .org TLD’s

Till now we were charging 9.99$ per year but due to this increase had had to increase it to 10.49$ per year, all new registration as well as renewal will be done at new price from onwards


Changes in our SSH Tunnel Service

We are glad to announce a major change and upgrade in our SSH Tunnel service.  Till now our ssh tunnel service was on shared ip, but now we will be giving dedicated IP to each user for no additional cost, not only this now each ssh tunnel will get root access as we are basically going to provide Linux VPS with root access to all ssh tunnel users.

We will soon start emailing all our ssh tunnel users with their new account details so please do check your email for login details

Thanks migration cancelled – we will keep it with awknet

Due to lot of customer demands and requests and after discussing it with awknet we have decided to keep the server with awknet, a lot of clients like the filtering of Awknet and also for redundancy purpose they want us to keep the server with Awknet so we are not migrating at this time, we even discussed it with awknet and have been assured such issues won’t happen again, they are taking all necessary precautions for the same so we are cancelling the newly ordered server at Denver

Thanks UP again and Migration

Hi, Awknet is up again hence our unix shell server is also up again but our plans to migrate to the new facility remain the same as now we cannot rely on awknet anymore, hence we will setup your accounts along with all your data on the new and email you about it, if you have any queries please do let us know, the new is much much faster then the old


Thanks for your patience

Ordered new server for as it still down and no update or ETA from DC

We have ordered a new server in Denver, USA to replace (shell hosting server) as there is no ETA or update from awknet yet which is just not acceptable so we have bought a new server to replace we are expecting the new server to be ready by tommorrow, once the new server is ready we will post more about it here and also on our twitter and facebook page so please do keep checking, but there is just one issue that we don’t have backups of as it is also on another server hosted with awknet so till awknet is up again we won’t be able to retrieve your data.

The new server will be mush faster as it’s:

Dual Xeon


More details will be posted soon

Thanks for your patience still down

I’m sorry to say but the server is still down and we have yet to receive any update/ETA about it from the datacentre, they are probably already flooded with calls and looks like they don’t have exact ETA, so if any or our client wants a server change please just submit a support ticket at and let us know we will setup your account on some other server

Thanks for your patience downtime

We are well aware that has been down for past few hours, it is hosted with awknet and we have not got any update from awknet yet, though as per some unofficial news they are having some major power failure and generators also failed due to which whole Awknet NOC is currently down, even their website is currently down and nobody is answering the phones either, we are trying hard to get an update from Awknet as long will it take to have the services back up, as soon as we get any update we will post here as well as on our twitter account and facebook page so please kindly keep checking our blog or twitter account or facebook page

Thanks for your patience