Basics of Linux VPS Hosting

VPS Virtual Private Server Hosting – What exactly can you do?
The answer is simple, everything you could do with a dedicated server. Each VPS server within the main physical server can have its own dedicated resources, IP addresses, etc. You can decided exactly which software you want to run within your VPS and you can have your own custom configurations and wont be affected by what anyone else is doing on the same server.
Do I get full root or admin access with VPS Hosting?
Yes you full root or Administrator access with our VPS Hosting packages, you can install any software or application that is compatible with Linux. You have read/write access to all server files. While no one else can see or access your files. You will be able to access your Linux VPS via SSH.
VPS Hosting Benefits
For a start, VPS hosting is very secure because all VPS hosting accounts are in their own enclosed private space, separate from any other other customers on the same server. VPS hosting allows maximum configurability and costs less than a dedicated server, this is great if your website has special software requirements that a shared hosting company could not provide adequately. Linux provides a very powerful and secure base for VPS Hosting, and is popular for that reason.
Is IRC allowed on your VPS?
Yes we allow IRC on our VPS as our VPS are highly DDOS protected.
What OS can I get with VPS Hosting?
Below are the OS of your choice you get with Linux VPS Hosting
CentOS 5
CentOS 6
Fedora 17
Fedora 18
Debian 6
Debian 7
Suse 12
Scientific 6
Ubuntu 10
Ubuntu 13
VPS Hosting – Other Uses
Just a few of our own ideas of what VPS hosting could be an excellent choice for, some of these are from experience, ie, we’ve actually seen VPS hosting being used in exactly these ways:
» Secondary mail server
» IRCD / IRC Hosting
» Secondary DNS Server
» Secondary mail server
» Load balanced HTTP server
» Backup MySQL slave server or part of a MySQL Cluster
» A test Unix server (a great practice area for newbie sys admins)

As you can see, VPS hosting can be used for more than just hosting a website, that’s the point of VPS hosting. It is infinitely more flexible than a shared hosting account.
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