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• Just a few of our own ideas of what Windows VPS hosting could be an excellent choice for, some of these are from experience, ie, we’ve actually seen Windows VPS hosting being used in exactly these ways:
Secondary mail server
• IRCD / IRC Hosting
• Secondary DNS Server
• Secondary mail server
• Load balanced HTTP server
• Backup SQL slave server or part of a SQL Cluster
• A test Windows server (a great practice area for newbie sys admins)
• Windows VPS is even ideal for users looking to run windows programs 24/7 without running their home PC 24/7
• Windows VPS can be even used to run windows based IRCD or MIRC scripts and/or MIRC client 24/7
As you can see, Windows VPS hosting can be used for more than just hosting a website, that’s the point of Windows VPS hosting. It is infinitely more flexible than a shared hosting account.
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