Linux VPS Packages Updated

We have updated all our Linux VPS Packages, now we are giving 256 MB of RAM and unmetered bandwdith just for 10$ per  month that too with DDOS Protection, there are many more such affordable ddos protected linux vps packages at

All existing clients accounts will be updated as well, we are currently in the process of migration, as soon as the migration of vps is completed all our existing clients vps will be upgraded as per the new packages for free

New Linux VPS Packages Need Your suggestion

Hi, we are currently working on new Linux VPS Packages, we plan to give almost double resources at same price.

But we want to know from our clients, what exactly do you expect from us from our VPS Packages ?

1) Do you want more RAM ?

2) Faster CPU ?

3) More Bandwidth ?

4) Free cPanel

5) More HDD Space (it is the most difficult for us as we are using SSD Drives for faster performance which is very very costly)

Please leave your comments at so that we can work it out accordingly


Free Website Builder with All Web Hosting Packages

As per our past few posts you must be aware that we have upgraded our web hosting server, along with hardware and bandwidth we have even added few additional features.

Now you get free Web Site Builder in our web hosting control panel, so take it’s advantage build quality websites with just a few clicks

To access the site builder please login to

Then scroll down and click on “RVSITEBUILDER” from there you can get access to thousands of ready to use designs and tempaltes for your site

This feature is available to all our web hosting clients regardless of which package do you have and also to all our web hosting resellers

I hope you will like this feature, please leave your comments/feedback at

IPv6 Vhosts Added to

We have got native IPv6 on the server so we have now even added a few IPv6 vhosts on our unix shell server, so if you have a shell on now you can even enjoy IRC using ipv6 vhosts, for now we have added a few vhosts, but we will be adding more in the next few days so stay tune, also if you have any vhost suggestions feel free to mention it in the comments. To see the current vhost list please just login to the server via ssh and type “vhost”  it will show you complete vhost list including ipv6 vhosts

Web Hosting Server Upgrade Started

As per our Earlier Blog Post “

We have started the migration of all web hosting accounts to the new server, we will email you separately once your account has been migrated to the new server.

The new server is a very very powerful server so you can expect much much faster performance

If everything goes fine your site will have zero downtime so you don’t need to worry about it due to migration.



If you are using custom nameservers or using your own nameservers then please update your nameservers to use and as IP For nameservers, to make sure there is no downtime we will make sure that your current nameservers also redirect to the new IP of the new server, but please use updated nameservers to avoid problems in future

also do check our new updated web hosting packages at

New Much Faster Server for DDOS Protected Linux VPS Server

As per our last few posts, we are even in the process of upgrading our Linux VPS Server.

Our new Linux VPS Server will have the following specs:

AMD Dual Opteron 6272 (2 X 16 X 2.1GHz)

128 GB RAM

SSD Drives

Gigabit Port

VPS Control Panel: SolusVM

Till now we were using HyperVM for Linux VPS but now we have decided to go for SolusVM as the control panel for our Linux VPS Hosting services as it is a commercial product with better support and security.

Once our new server is ready we will start migrating all our Linux VPS to the new server, we will migrate VPS with all your data, but your VPS IP might change, we will email each and every client  once the VPS are migrated.

Not only this once the VPS are migrated we will provide free upgrades to all our Linux VPS Clients so that you can have much more RAM and CPU Power and even better internet connectivity as now our Linux VPS Server will be on a Gigabit Port

We will announce our new Packages in the next few days once our new server is ready and clients don’t need to contact for upgrade we will do it for free.

New Upgraded Web Hosting Server for New Upgraded unlimited packages

As per our last two posts, we have ordered a new server with the following specification:

Dual Xeon E5220


Gigabit port

Soon we will move all websites to the new server, if everything goes well the migration should not lead to any downtime at all.

We will email all the web hosting clients once the migration is done to the new upgraded web hosting server.

Also till now we were not offering Site Builder to PLAN 1 and PLAN 2 web hosting clients, but once the new server is ready we will offer Site Builder even to PLAN1 and PLAN 2 packages

I hope our clients will like the changes that we are doing

New Linux VPS Packages coming soon on Gigabit port

As you can see in the previous post that we have changed all our Web Hosting Plans, we are even working on our Linux VPS Pacakges. We plan to keep the price same but provide much more RAM and CPU power at same price and many other goodies like managed VPS, unmetered bandwidth, gigabit port, etc…

But to provide these upgraded RAM, bandwidth, CPU etc… we even need to upgrade our Linux VPS Servers, so we are in the process or buying new servers with much better specs in the next few days and will migrate all our existing Linux VPS Clients to the new server.

The most important expected change and benefit to clients can be “Managed VPS” for no extra charge, though we will have to limit the scope, like we will provide VPS Management only if VPS is ordered with cPanel , so once the new packages are available, even if you don’t know how to secure or manage a Linux server you can still own and run Linux VPS as we will be doing all the hard work for you, we are still working on it, will keep you updated via our blog, facebook and twitter.

In the next few days we will even upgrade all our Web Hosting Servers as now all our Web Hosting packages comes with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited disk space, so to provide the extra speed and space we will need our servers also on higher port speed, better cpu, ram and larger hard drives.

WebHosting Packages Updated and Upgraded – Now all Hosting packages are Unlimited

We are glad to announce that we have changed all our web hosting packages, now all our web hosting packages comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth and also with free domain name.

No we don’t have shared hosting and unmetered hosting as now all our web hosting packages are unlimited/unmetered.

We are now offering totally 3 web hosting packages

PLAN – I – It comes with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth but only 1 domain is allowed – It costs only 5$ per month even if you pay on monthly basis, if you pay quarterly or annually you will get further discounts.

PLAN – II – It is same as PLAN – I but you can host upto 10 domains on it . – It costs only 8$ per month even if you pay on monthly basis, if you pay quarterly or annually you will get further discounts.

PLAN – II – It is same as PLAN – II but you can host unlimited domains on it and you even get a free dedicated IP and also free website builder . – It costs only 10$ per month even if you pay on monthly basis, if you pay quarterly or annually you will get further discounts.

You may check out for complete details and full comparision.

So now all our unmetered web hosting packages are very very affordable and you won’t need to worry about how much space or bandwidth your site is using, you can now just focus on your business.

Our web hosting reseller packages are still available at