Migrating orbit.sh3lls.net from Gtcomm to Sharktech

Recently we are having a lot of issues with IP Null routes at gtcomm, they are not offering DDOS Filtering anymore, instead they simply null route the IP as soon as any IP/vhost gets attacked we have tried to work it out with them, but they have now stopped responding to our tickets for null route so we have decided to move the server orbit.sh3lls.net to Sharktech in Denver as we don’t have any unix shell server in Denver. The new server will be much more powerfull then our existing orbit server

The new orbit.sh3lls.net server will be:

AMD Phenom II (Hexa 2.8GHz)


100 MBPS Port

DDOS Protection

FreeBSD 9.1 64 bit

We expect the migration to be completed by the end of this month, we will email all clients once the migration is completed

Update: Due to shortage of IP in Denver Facility and since we need a lot of IP for IRC Vhosts, so instead of Denver this new orbit server will be setup in Chicago

Unix shell servers – Scheduled Maintenance – Server Update

We will be upgrading all our IRC/UNIX Shell Servers to make sure they have the latest version of FreeBSD and are fully secure, we have to do these maintenance from time to time to make sure everything is running secure. We will be upgrading all our shell servers in the next 12-72 hours, if everything goes fine you won’t have dowtime of more then few minutes, but for upgrade the servers will be rebooted so you will have to login to the servers and start all your bnc/eggdrops/ircd again.

We will provide update about completetion of the upgrade on our twitter account a thttp://twitter.com/sh3lls so please make sure to keep checking it. If you have any queries feels free to email us at support [at] sh3lls.net

We have even sent email to all clients having unix/ircd shell account