HDD Upgrade for Windows VPS Hosting Server

We are adding one more 500 GB SSD Drive to our Windows VPS Hosting server due to high demand since we have migrated to Hyper-V, we have noticed that now even a Windows VPS running Windows 2003 Standard even with just 256 MB RAM boots in less then 10 seconds, where as with Virtuozzo it was taking more then 3 minutes to boot, a great performance boost all credites goes to the Dual CPU with 16 Cores Each and 64 GB RAM

For this HDD upgrade we won’t need to reboot the server or there won’t be any downtime as our new server is HOT-SWAP enabled, so unless something goes really bad we won’t need to reboot or client won’t have any downtime.

This was post was just to update all our clients just in case if something goes wrong during HDD Upgrade, we have already ordered the new SSD Drive, we expect to receive it in the next 3-4 days, as soon as we receive it we will add it to the Windows VPS Server

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