Change in IRC Support

We have been monitoring since long time and found that most of our clients now prefer to use the web based live chat instead of IRC for support, so we have decided to close down our IRC network and offer support via live chat on our website. We have 24X7 Live Chat support on our website so all clients please always visit our website and contact us via live chat or support ticket at

We will keep our channel #sh3lls active for sometime on but we cannot guarantee that our techs will be available on IRC all the time.

We even request all our clients if you are using FaceBook or Twitter please follow us on Facebook at and for updates, news and promotions, as we want to avoid emailing clients all the time for every little change or maintenance because not all clients wants to get regular mails from their hosting company, we will continue to email for all major issues, news, maintenance, upgrades etc… but for minor issues we will be using facebook and twitter as most of internet users are using facebook and twitter.

Also just in case if our website is not accessible at any time or is down we will always post update about it on our twitter and facebook page so please do check them if you are unable to contact us via Live Chat on our website.

If you have any suggestions or feedback or doubts please submit a support ticket at




Kapil Jain

Director Sh3lls Limited

Windows VPS Server Migration from Virtuozzo to Hyper-V Completed

Finally all our Windows VPS and FreeBSD VPS have been migrated to Hyper-V, some of the old virtuozzo windows vps servers are still running, but they will be taken down shortly, from now onwards all new Windows VPS and FreeBSD VPS will be setup on Hyper-V platform


HDD and RAM Upgrade Completed for Windows and FreeBSD VPS Server

As per our previous post the HDD upgrade is completed, while upgrading HDD we even took the opportunity to even upgrade the RAM for better performance, now the server has 128 GB RAM instead of 64 GB RAM

I hope our clients will love the improved performance with our Windows VPS Hosting


Retire Some of the UNIX Shell Servers

As everybody is aware that IRC users are constantly declining due to new IM softwares and services, like skype, whatsapp, BBM, FaceBOOK, etc… so we have decided to retire some of our UNIX Shell servers so that we can continue to offer affordable hosting services, if we don’t retire some of our unix shell servers we will have to probably increase our prices, so instead of increasing the prices we have decided to better retire some of our IRC UNIX Shell servers.

We will be moving all data along with the client’s shell account to other servers and email all clients individually and even help them with recompiling or editing the conf file as and when needed.

As and when we retire any of the server we will email the clients whose accounts will be affected by the migration.

If any client has any query, please feel free to open a support ticket.

HDD Upgrade for Windows VPS Hosting Server

We are adding one more 500 GB SSD Drive to our Windows VPS Hosting server due to high demand since we have migrated to Hyper-V, we have noticed that now even a Windows VPS running Windows 2003 Standard even with just 256 MB RAM boots in less then 10 seconds, where as with Virtuozzo it was taking more then 3 minutes to boot, a great performance boost all credites goes to the Dual CPU with 16 Cores Each and 64 GB RAM

For this HDD upgrade we won’t need to reboot the server or there won’t be any downtime as our new server is HOT-SWAP enabled, so unless something goes really bad we won’t need to reboot or client won’t have any downtime.

This was post was just to update all our clients just in case if something goes wrong during HDD Upgrade, we have already ordered the new SSD Drive, we expect to receive it in the next 3-4 days, as soon as we receive it we will add it to the Windows VPS Server

Windows VPS Server Migration Status

Migration of three Windows VPS servers is completed, now just two Windows VPS Server Migration is pending, we are waiting for new servers to be ready, once they are ready we will migrate even the remaining Windows VPS servers to the new upgraded windows vps servers.

As per our expectation so far the Feedback from our clients has been really positive, i hope all clients will enjoy the new stable and fast windows vps hosting services


Windows VPS Server Upgrade and Migration Started

We have now started migrating clients from our Windows VPS server with the IP Range 208.98.* so if your Windows VPS is from this IP Range you should receive a new VPS details anytime within next 24 hours, we are a bit short on time so please try to copy data from your old vps to the new VPS within 24-48 hours as OLD VPS server will be taken down in next 3-4 days

Also we have tested the VPS on the new server and we were amazed to see that it just took 5 seconds for a Windows VPS to bootup with just 256 MB RAM, SSD and the 16 Core CPU is responsible for this great performance boost, i hope all clients will really enjoy the new VPS

Note: If you want to change your OS to windows 2008 Server or even change the built from 32 bit to 64 bit or vice/versa it can be done which was not possible earlier, but please contact us atleast after 4-5 days as right now we are very very busy with the migration so won’t be able to do it

Thanks for your patience and co-operation

FreeBSD VPS Server Upgrade Completed

FreeBSD VPS Server Upgrade has been completed, all clients from the old FreeBSD VPS server have been moved to the new Hyper-V Based server

Now clients can even compile a custom kernel and all clients get dedicated resources and the server is on a Dedicated Gigabit port with SSD Drives.

As compensation for the recent downtime with our old FreeBSD Server we even have given 1 month of free service to all our FreeBSD VPS clients.

If you any of our client has any issues or queries feel free to submit a support ticket at

FreeBSD VPS Server Upgrade

We are already moving from virtuozzo to hyper-v for Windows VPS Hosting, we have decided to even move our FreeBSD VPS server from FreeBSD Jail Platform to Hyper-V, we are currently testing it if things work out good and stable we will even move all our FreeBSD VPS to Hyper-V

Some major advantages are better performance, more control as client can even compile a custom kernel which is not possible with FreeBSD Jail environment

We will email all clients once we move clients to the new platform