New Server for DDOS Protected Windows VPS Hosting

We have already ordered our new server for Windows VPS Hosting but we had to make a change in the OS, till now we were using Windows 2003 Standard, but the new server will be Windows 2003 Enterprise, we had to change the OS due to memory limitation of Windows 2003 Standard as it cannot support 64 GB RAM, we will try to migrate all VPS but just in case if virtuozzo does not allows it then client might need to move their data manually, we will provide a few days time to do the same, we will email all clients about it.

We know and understand that it’s a pain to manually move all data from one server/vps to another vps/server but it will paid by the increased performance of the new server, you will notice a huge boost in performance.

Thanks for your co-operation


Blocking Referring Domain Using .htaccess in apache based web servers

We recently got queries from some of our DDOS Protected VPS Clients that they want to blocking certain referring domains, I’m not going in detail why they wanted to block it, usually it’s related to SEO etc… or competitors doing some shady stuff:

Just add the following lines to .htaccess and it should do the trick:

Block single referring domain:

RewriteEngine on
# Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} example\.com [NC]
RewriteRule .* - [F]

Block multiple referring domain

RewriteEngine on
# Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} example1\.com [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} example2\.com
RewriteRule .* - [F]

Replace with the domain that you want to block

It should work on all linux or freebsd based servers using apache as web server

KYC implementation for clients paying by Liberty Reserve for web hosting and Linux VPS

Recently we are getting lot of abuse complains for clients paying by Liberty Reserve for Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and Linux VPS, so all clients who are paying by Liberty Reserve for Web Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting services after sign up making payment please send a copy of your valid government issued valid photo id to billing [at] if we don’t get it within 24 hours of sign up then we might have to suspend or terminate your services and payments will be not refunded either.

Due to increase in abuse complain we are forced to do it.

We are implementing it only for new clients, if you are an existing client and have no abuse issue in the past then we don’t need any such documents.

Thanks for your co-operation

Best Regards

Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited

Windows VPS Server Upgrade for better performance

In the next few days we are going to upgrade all our DDOS Protected Windows VPS Servers. Currently all our Windows VPS servers are Quad Core Servers with 16 GB RAM on a shared Gigabit port and SATA HDD, but our new upgraded Windows VPS Servers will have the following configuration:

AMD Dual Opteron 6272 (16×2.1GHz)


SSD Drives

Dedicated Gigabit Port

The main bottleneck with VPS is usually caused by HDD I/O but as we are going to upgrade our servers and move to SSD Drives all the HDD I/O should be over and as we are going to move to a dedicated gigabit port you will even find great improvement even in network performance.

Even the CPU will be upgraded so overall performance should increase, we plan to do these upgrades in the month of April 2013, once we start the upgrades we will update/email all Windows VPS Clients about the same.

We will try to keep same ip etc.. so most of the clients even not notice the migration of their vps from old server to the new upgraded server, but it’s possible that some clients on the 208.* ip range might have to change their IP due to some technical reasons, if everything goes well all other clients should not notice any downtime. We are working with our routing team to try to work out a solution so that we even clients on 208.* ip range won’t need to change ip but we still cannot guarantee about it.


Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited


Slow Support for next 24 hours

Due to Holi Festival in India, support will be slow for next 24 hours, our techs will be online for 3 hours after every 4 hours, so if you don’t find our live chat online, please email us at support [at] or submit a support ticket at and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Thanks for your patience

Sh3lls Limited