Skype DDOS Protection Using SSH Tunnel or VPN Tunnel

I’ve been getting a lot of queries and even after researching a lot in Google i’ve noticed that a lot of Skype users are having DDOS attack issues as attackers/hackers are somehow easily able to get IP of other Skype users which is a major security problem and is even very irritating a lot of times.

I’ve two solutions for vicitms of such users:

1) SSH Tunnel – SSH Tunnel works like an encrypted Security Socks Proxy that will mask your ip in the applications where you specify the ssh tunne/proxy details, if you use our ssh tunnel service we can provide you with a tutorial on how to setup ssh tunnel as socks proxy and use it to protect your ip against ddos attacks and all kind of security issues that can come up as your IP is revealed to the attacker if you don’t use the SSH Tunnel service. You may order our DDOS Protected SSH Tunnel service from

2) VPN Tunnel – VPN Tunnel gives complete protection to your PC as with our PPTP VPN Tunnel you don’t need to do any special configuration, once you are connected to our VPN server all your data and connections will be automatically routed over our VPN Server so the attacker will never get your real ip, the attacker will only get our vpn server IP which is highly DDOS PRotected so you don’t need to worry about DDOS attacks anymore, whether it’s IRC or skype or just general internet browsing, you may order it from .

If you go for our VPN Service make sure you to order PPTP VPN for better ddos prtoction and security as you get a dedicated ip with our pptp vpn service

I hope it helps a lot of DDOS Attack Victims