New Ultra Fast Linux DDOS Protected VPS Servers

We are pleased to announce that now all our Linux VPS servers are highly DDOS Protected and unlike other VPS Hosting Providers our Linux VPS servers are ultra fast servers and using SSD Drvies, we are not using SATA drives anymore, all our Linux VPS servers are on SSD Drvies which are many times faster then Sata drives, the main reason to switch to SSD Drives is as HDD I/O is the main cause for Linux VPS servers to slow down, but now all our Linux VPS servers are using SSD Drives so now there will be now slow down due to disk I/O not only this we have even upgraded the CPU and RAM on the servers, below is the new hardware specs for all our linux vps servers and don’t forget they are highly ddos protected


Dual Opteron ( 2 GHZ X 16 Cores) = almost 32 GHZ of processing power


Multiple SSD Drives

Gigabit Port

DDOS Protection

Option to order CPanel with VPS

Free Kloxo Web Hosting Control Panel

Free VPS Control panel to reboot and reinstall VPS

RDNS Control panel to manage PTR/RDNS records for your IP

DNS Control panel – Free DNS Management service.

24 X 7 Live Chat and Ticket Support

and there are many more features, the list will go on and on, just try any of our linux vps package to experience what real ddos protected linux vps hosting is.


Liberty Reserve UP again and accepted for all our hosting services

Liberty Reserve payment service site was down for past few days due to maintenance as a result of which if anybody was trying to pay with liberty reserve from our website for any of the hosting services they were getting errors, but now liberty reserve is up again so if you have already placed an order please login at so that we can process your order, also for existing clients we put all account suspensions for clients paying by Liberty Reserve on hold as Liberty Reserve site was down so there was not way for existing clients to pay for their services, but now Liberty Reserve site is up again so please login to our billing system at and make the payment as soon as possible to avoid interruption in services


Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited

Free IRC Allowed UNIX Shell

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new website to provide free IRC Allowed UNIX Shell Accounts, orders are not being accepted yet, but we will start accepting orders soon, we are still in the process to setup an ordering system using which anybody can get a free unix shell account though there will be certain conditions to be fulfilled, we will provide all details shortly on

So visit regulary to get your free unix shell account.

If we get good response to free unix shell accounts we even have plans to offer Free CPanel Based Web Hosting Services

Thanks everybody for your business and Support to Sh3lls


Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited

Sh3lls Payment Collection Centre in Gulf and African Countries

If you don’t have a credit card or paypal and don’t want to pay hefty western union or bank wire transfer fees and still want to use our hosting services we have special arrangements in Gulf and African Countries.

Our bank in India has collection centres in some of the Gulf and African countries so you can just go to any of those centres and pay cash. Just a note when you visit those centres you need to provide our Indian Bank account details and they will ask how much do you want to deposit in Indian Currency i.e. INR so just calculate the amount in INR as per and deposit the same amount in your local currency at those centres.

Our Indian Bank Account details are:

Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Account Name: SURAT IT
Account Number: 00672020007167
IFSC Code: HDFC0000067
Account Type: Current
Branch: Parle Point, Surat

If you are from Gulf country please check it will show you the list of collection centres in your country / city

If you are from African country please visit it will show you the list of collection centres in your country / city

Once the payment is deposited please email us at sales (at) with amount deposited along with your name and we will get the payment within 24 hours, once we get the payment we will process your order.

Linux VPS Hosting Upgrade/Maintenance Update

As per our previous post about our Linux VPS Hosting Server upgrade/migration/maintenance, I’m pleased to update that upgrade/migration of our server and has been completed and all clients having accounts on these servers have been informed, so please do check your email if you are facing any issues, currently upgrade of is going on, if you are facing any issues please immediately open a support ticket at



Sh3lls Limited

Linux VPS Hosting Server Upgrade Has Been Started

We are pleased to inform all our Linux VPS Hosting clients that we have started the server upgrade process and all Linux VPS should be soon moved to our new upgraded servers as already stated in our previous blog post, the upgrade should be transparent to clients, most of you will not notice any downtime at all, as it will be a live migration, you might just notice a very very short network disruption nothing more, if you face any other issues please immediately open a support ticket at so that we can look into it, once your VPS is migrated we will email you about it, moreover please note you just might need to setup your RDNS/PTR Records again and also your VPS Control Panel login and password will be changed, which we will already specify in the email that we will send to you once our LINUX VPS Hosting Servers are upgraded.

This whole upgrade process can take upto 48 hours.


Sh3lls Limited

DDOS Protected Linux VPS Hosting servers Upgrade

With reference to our post earlier about upgrade of our Linux VPS Hosting server the upgrade was smooth and now we are clearly able to see the difference, all vps are running very smoothly without any lag just like dedicated servers so we have now decided to upgrade all our Linux VPS Hosting servers, we have ordered few servers with the following specs:

CPU: AMD Dual Opteron 6128 (16 Cores x 2.0GHz)
Memory: 32GB
HDD: SSD Drives

The Linux VPS server upgrade will almost transparent to clients as we will be doing Live / Online Migration in which the VPS is even not rebooted, it just freezed for a minute or two and then again unfreezed on the new VPS servers so it will just look like a short network interruption, all your process will keep running, but the only difference will be that your VPS Control panel logins might change so please do check your mails, as soon as your VPS is moved to the new server we will mail you your new login details for the new Upgraded Linux VPS Hosting Control Panel

I hope that all our clients will like and enjoy the improved performance in their VPS


Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited

Moving from IRC Support to Live Web Based Chat Support system

Currently we at Sh3lls Limited are providing support via IRC as well as Support Tickets/Email but now we are going to provide support via Live Web Based Chat System, though we will still continue to provide support via IRC, our IRC channels and staff will be still available on IRC but for better security and privacy of clients are working on a live web based chat support system, currently the web based chat is available in our helpdesk portal, but soon we will remove the IRC Support link from our website and replace it with out Live Web Based Chat system, for now you can go to and click on live chat/support to talk to our support executive. Also our support ticket system as well as email support will still continue, we are just replacing IRC Support with Live Web Based Chat System.

Our IRC support will be available at or if you have an irc client you can connect directly to and join channel #sh3lls


Sh3lls Limited

Testing the Hyper-V Platform for VPS Hosting

We are currently reviewing and testing the hyper-v platform for our VPS Hosting packages, things looks good so far, we will test it for few more days, if things works out good we will switch all our Windows VPS Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting as well as FreeBSD VPS Hosting to Hyper-V, it will give better control over VPS to clients, we will keep everybody updated through our blog and twitter account


Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited