New Dedicated Server Packages start at just 49$ per month

We have now updated our dedicated server packages with dedicated servers starting at just 49$ per month, yeah it’s 49$ even cheaper then most of the VPS available in the market.

We now offer three kind of dedicated server packages:

1) Budget Dedicated Servers

2) DDOS Protected Unmetered Dedicated Servers

3) Offshore Dedicate Servers (Dedicated Server Russia, Dedicated Server Germany, Dedicated Server Netherlands)

You may check all our dedicated server packages at

Our Budget Dedicated Servers will be hosted in Kansas City, USA

Our DDOS Protected Unmetered Dedicated Servers will be hosted in Denver/Chicago USA, you may provide your preference in comments during sign up.

We currently offer offshore dedicated servers in three locations: Russia, Germany and Netherlands


Sh3lls Limited

New Upgraded Web Hosting Packages

We are glad to announce our new upgraded web hosting packages, we have three kinds of web hosting packages:

1) Metered Shared Web Hosting

2) Unmetered Cpanel Web Hosting

3) Reseller Web Hosting

All our web hosting packages comes with CPanel and Fantastico as a standard, though unmetered web hosting even includes Site Builder along with cpanel and fantastico, our unmetered web hosting package’s site builder has over 4000 Templates/Designs.

Our Reseller Web Hosting package even includes WHM so that our reseller can manage and add/delete their clients own their own.

All existing client’s packages have been upgraded already, you may check all our new upgraded web hosting packages at


Sh3lls Limited

Shared Web Hosting Server Upgrade

We are glad to announce that we will be upgrading one of our shared web hosting server ( in the next few days. Currently the server only has a Core 2 Duo CPU with 3 GB RAM, but now once the upgrade is completed it will have a Dual XEON CPU with 16 GB RAM, also recently we have noticed that some clients are getting a lot of DDOS Attacks as well so we are even changing network for the server, it will be moved to a better DDOS Protected network (that does not mean we offer ddos protected web hosting, though we do offer ddos protected dedicated server, vps, shell etc…), but we are moving it to a DDOS Protected network to make sure the server/network is not affected due to any random DDOS attack.

The new server is ready,but we will start the migration from tonight, it can take 2-3 days to move all the sites to the new server.

If you are using our nameservers then you probably won’t notice any downtime at all as we will even move all your data etc.. everything to the new server, but if you are not using our nameservers or using custom nameserver then please email to to get your new IP Address, also if you any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your business.

Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited

UNIX Shell, IRCD Shell and SSH Tunnel Server OS Upgrade

Due to some recent important security updates we will be upgrading all our UNIX Shell, IRCD Shell and SSH Tunnel Servers in the 1-4 days. We don’t expect downtime of more then few minutes for each server, just in case if anything goes wrong during the upgrade we will post about it on our twitter account at . We cannot give exact time for the upgrade but it will be all done anytime from now to upto another 4 days. Once the upgrade is done you just need to login and restart your process and if you get any library errors please recompile your eggdrop/bnc/ircd

Thanks for your business.

Kapil Jain

Sh3lls Limited

New Linux VPS Hosting Server Being Added To Our Network

We are glad to announce that we are adding a new Linux VPS Hosting Server to our network.

Even this new server will one a DDOS Protected Network and will have all the features that our Linux VPS Hosting already offers like:

1) Control Panel to reboot and reinstall the VPS

2) Setup rDNS or PTR Records

3) Free DNS Hosting

4) DDOS Protection

5) Free Web Hosting Control Panel

Any many more features.

Thanks to all our clients for their continuous business.