UNIX Shell Server – echo.sh3lls.net migration or downtime

The datacentre where our unix IRC shell server echo.sh3lls.net is hosted is upgrading their facility and are moving all servers to their new upgraded NOC facility, we have scheduled the migration for the server “echo.sh3lls.net” for tommorrow, so within next 24-48 hours the server echo.sh3lls.net will go down for few minutes, as they will have to physically move the server to the new facility, all your data will remaing intact, you will have to just restart your process once the server is moved and is up again.

Only clients on the server “echo.sh3lls.net” server are affected, client’s on other servers will not be affected.

Please follow us at http://twitter.com/sh3lls for instant updates.

We have already emailed us to all our clients about it.

Thanks for your patience.