orion.sh3lls.net and echo.sh3lls.net rebooted

Our shell servers orion.sh3lls.net and echo.sh3lls.net were rebooted without notice by the NOC as they are in the process of migrating all servers to a new facility, they did it in error, they were supposed to move our servers later on but some due to some confusion they moved our servers to the new NOC due to which the servers were rebooted and how a downtime of few minutes.

We are now working with them to make sure that it does not happens with other servers, we will send a bulk email to all clients about it in the next few minutes once we schedule the migration of our other servers


orbit.sh3lls.net – HDD Replacement

The server orbit.sh3lls.net is about to fail, it’s giving errors in system logs that’s unable to read certain sectors of the hdd, so the hard disk can go dead at any time, hence we are going to get the server reinstalled on a new HDD, we plan to do it in the next 6-72 hours, we cannot give any exact time as when we will do it as it even depends upon the NOC when they will do it.

Once the NOC replaces the HDD and reinstalls the server, we will need few hours to even secure the server again and also restore all data of the clients, we have taken backups of all your data, we have few hours old backups, but just to be safe please do take backups of your data as soon as possible.

We will post update about it at http://twitter.com/sh3lls