New OpenVPN server will be in Denver, USA

All our US OpenVPN servers are about to get full so we have now ordered more OpenVPN servers.

Our current OpenVPN US server is in Chicago, but the new servers that we have ordered will be in Denver USA, we are adding more and more servers from geographically different locations to give more options to our clients.

We are expecting the new OpenVPN Denver, USA server to be ready within the next 2-3 days, will post more about it once it’s all ready for clients.


Now OpenVPN from Russia – Netherland – UK – USA Available

We are glad to announce that now we are offering OpenVPN service from different countries:

1) Russia

2) Netherland

3) UK

4) USA

All our OpenVPN servers are on 100 mbps network and all of them just costs 5$ per VPN account.

We don’t overload our OpenVPN servers, we just add max 30 users per OpenVPN server, so you will never have slow speed problem with our OpenVPN service. From our past experience we have noticed that even if we have 30 users per server only 2-4 users are using the server at anytime, hence 100 mbps is devided among just 3-4 users.

We are using the paid version of OpenVPN software hence you will get a web based control panel to mange your vpn accont, download the vpn client, openvpn key etc… For windows users our web based panel provides a preconfigured openvpn client in which you even don’t need to add your config or openvpn key/certificate, it all comes with the client software configured for your account. All you have to do is login the vpn control panel and download it.

We have configured our OpenVPN server to use port 80 and port 443 so that no matter what your isp cannot block our server or service as these are the basic ports needed even to browse any normal unblocked website. Our OpenVPN service can be even used from behind a proxy, so if your office or school has some firewall with proxy setup, then too our service will work on it.

You can order it from and during sign up select the country in which you want your VPN server.

Two new servers ordered for openvpn in Russia/moscow and Netherland

We are glad to announce that we have ordered two new servers for OpenVPN Tunnel hosting in Russia and Netherland. We are planning to sell openvpn tunnel hosting even on these servers at our regular price of 5$ per month.

We are expecting the new servers to be ready within the next 4-5 days, once they are ready we will update our blog as well as twitter and also email all clients about it, so please do check blog or twitter after 4-5 days if openvpn tunnel offshore hosting is of interest to you