– stability issues

As you might have noticed that has been rebooting randomly for past 3 days, after lot of investigation and monitoring through KVM we found that the HDD of the server is causing it, it’s probably about to die, so we have arranged for a new HDD and we will be replacing it within next 12-48 hours, once it’s done echo should be stable again, if you have any queries, please do email to support @ and for more frequent updates please follow as

New Windows VPS Server in Denver USA

We are glad to announce that we have ordered a new Server for Windows VPS Hosting with the following specs

Intel Dual Xeon E5410 (8 cores x 2.33 GHz)
4x 1.5 TB HDD
1000 MBPS Network

The new server will also have Windows 2003 with virtuozzo.
Even our other Windows Server is having same specs the only difference is our current Windows VPS server is in Chicago, and this new server will be in Denver USA