New payment gateway

We are currently using Worldpay to process our credit cards, but Worldpay decided to terminate all merchants from India, but they still offer their services in Hong Kong, so to overcome this issue we even registered a company in Hong Kong under the name “Sh3lls Limited” and have applied with worldpay again for a new account under the Hong Kong registered company, but it looks like it will take some more time to get approval from worldpay for our Hong Kong company.

We cannot just keep waiting for worldpay approval as there is a possibility that worldpay might even decline our application so we even applied for a payment gateway with Standard Chartered Bank India and we have even got our payment gateway approved and setup with them, now we are just working on integrating the new payment gateway with our system, so after few days you will notice change in the payment page as once the Standard Chartered payment gateway is integrated with our website you will be taken to the Standard Chartered payment gateway for making payment.

Also if worldpay approves our application what we plan to do is keep both payment gateways, and we plan to keep both payment options on our site so it will be upto the clients to choose which payment gateway to use for payments

Cheers Now even in Hong Kong

We are glad to announce that now is even a registered company “Sh3lls Limited” in Hong Kong, we had to do it due to some administrative reasons, but there is no change for the client, we now have a registered company and address in Hong Kong and also a bank account in Hong Kong.

Contact Info For Hong Kong:
Sh3lls Limited
BLK A 15/F,
Hillier Commercial Building
65-67 Bonham Strand East
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Phone Number: +852-58080443