Scheduled Maintenance

We at will be upgrading our UNIX Shells and IRCD Shells servers on 15th and 16th March 2010. We are upgrading the following servers:

Astro, storm, orion, echo, thunder, viper, eclipse, grid, orbit

We are upgrading the above mentioned servers to FreeBSD 8.0 due to some known security vulnerabilities in FreeBSD 7.x

If everything goes fine during maintenance, we don’t expect downtime of more then 10 minutes per server. We will have to reboot all the above mentioned server atleast once to complete the upgradation process.

Once the server are backup, please just login to your shell and restart your bnc, bots and IRCD. All your data will be intact and we have already taken backups of all your data just incase if anything goes wrong during the upgrade process.

If there will be any change in the schedule, we will post it at , and if you have any queries please email us at

NOTE: IF you are not hosted on the above mentioned servers, then you won’t be affected with with the maintenance.