Limited Period Offer for Dedicated Servers for Yahoo socks or yahoo voip

We have got a limited period offer for dedicated servers for yahoo socks and/or yahoo voip used by yahoo chat users. We are offering A dedicated server with 254 IP with complete server management and server security including security script for the server for just 170$ per month

You can order it from

The above server comes with unmetered transfer, and this deal is specially  designed for yahoo socks users, if it is used for other activities we might have to cancel the order, if you need dedicated servers for other activities please ask us before ordering this server or order our regular packages from

Cheap Dedicated Servers

We are glad to announce our new Dedicated Servers pacakges, now offers dedicated servers starting at just 125$ per month that too with unmetered inbound data transfer and outbound 3000 GB Transfer, we even have 100 MBPS unmetered dedicated servers starting at 200$ per month.

You can even get upto 254 IP at a very nominal price.

Check our Dedicated Server Packages at