Search Engine Submission Services

We at are now even offering Search Engine Submission service, we submit your site to over 88000 search engines, directories and link pages. We provide one time submission services as well monthly submission services, for more details please check out our search engine submission packages at

Search Engine submission is very important for SEO i.e. to get better listed in different search engines and get more and more visitors to your site.

New Dedicated Servers Packages

We are glad to announce our new updated dedicated server packages. Till now we were just offering Unmetered Dedicated Servers but now we have even started offering Metered Dedicated Servers and they are much cheaper then our Unmetered Dedicated Servers to suit your budget and requirements.

Even our Metered Dedicated Servers have Unmetered Inbound Data Transfer we only count outbound data.

You can check our Dedicated Servers Packages at

Windows VPS Hosting Now Activated and Available With Double RAM

We are glad to announce finally we have launched our Windows VPS Hosting. We are now offering double RAM, double Disk Space and Double Bandwidth for Free, just use the coupon code “Double” while placing order and you can get double RAM, double Disk Space and Double Bandwidth in your VPS at the same price, this is limited time offer so act now.

If you don’t want more ram but if you want discount on our VPS Package then please use the coupon “sh3lls20off” to get 20% off for life on your Windows VPS Hosting package.

Windows VPS Hosting packages can be ordered at

Windows VPS hosting Or Remote Desktop

We are glad to announce that now even we at introducing a new product – Windows VPS Hosting. We are expect that we will be able to provide Windows VPS Hosting by the end of this week.

We have planned our packages starting from 35$ per month.

We will be offering Windows 2003 server Standard Edition on all VPS.

Our Windows VPS hosting is DDOS Protected and everything legal is allowed including IRC, Torrent, Web Hositng, Game servers etc…

Our Windows VPS hosting can also be used to provide yahoo bots etc… as you can run your yahoo and other bots software online on the VPS all the time 24/7.

Windows VPS can also be used to run MIRC or MIRC based bots as the VPS will be online 24/7 so your bot setup using mirc will stay connected to 24/7 and we can even setup vhost on your VPS ip so your bot will also have a vhost not only this you can even run windows based IRCD from our windows VPS.

We will offering our Windows VPS using Virtuozzo so you will even get a control panel to reboot or restart VPS whenever you want without waiting for us to do it for you.

You can even get additional IP on the windows VPS with RDNS setup on them so that you can even use them as vhosts on IRC

Our Windows VPS can be even used for VPN hosting, Web Hosting etc…

We will be even offering Plesk Control panel for web hosting on the Windows VPS at a very nominal additional VPS.