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We are glad to announce that now we Sh3llsnet are the official and the only sponsor for is archiving mailing lists and usenet articles for FreeBSd, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Apache, Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix and almost everything related to BSD, Linux and/or Unix. Some of the topics are yet to be added to, but even they will be added soon as for now guys are busy in getting the old content first then they will start adding new content, it should be all done within the next few days.

We are sponsoring them just to contribute something to the OpenSource and UNIX Community as we are based on UNIX and OpenSource

Astro Maintenance also completed

In continuation to our last post about maintenance for 10 servers, yesterday we have even completed the maintenance for the server and also took the opportunity to even upgrade RAM for the server astro to 2 GB, so now is FreeBSD 7.2 with 2 GB Ram, there was downtime of less then 1 minute for upgrade and maintenance.

Thanks for your patience and support for

Tutorial for Using VPN on your MAC

Below are the steps for using VPN Hosting on MAC:

  1. Open up System preferences and select Network.
  2. Click the + sign in the lower left to add a new connection.
  3. Select VPN as the interface.
  4. Select PPTP as the VPN type, give it a name and hit create.
  5. Now select your new VPN connection on the left hand side.
  6. Enter the server address that you got in the activation email and in username enter your username that you got in the activation email.
  7. Click authentication and type in your password and hit ok.
  8. Now click on “Advanced” and select “Send All Traffic Over VPN”
  9. Now click on “OK”
  10. Hit apply, then connect and you are connected.

I hope this helps

Emergency Maintenance – 10 Servers Rebooted

A new vulnerability has been discovered that affects all FreeBSD 7.x and FreeBSD 6.x servers as posted on, which can cause some serious security problems, so we did an emergency maitnenace on some our servers viz. (pending for ram update)

All these servers were rebooted to apply the security patches. As expected there was a downtime of less then 1 minute per server. Now Just astro update is pending as we also want to upgrade the ram for the astro server so we will reboot it once the datacentre techs are even ready with the ram so in a single reboot the OS and Ram both will be upgraded.

During this maintenance we even took opportunity to upgrade all the affected servers to FreeBSD 7.2.
Thanks for your patience and support for, your IRC and Web Hosting Provider.

Demo VPN Hosting Account

Now also offers a demo VPN Hosting account for testing so that our clients can test or check our VPN performance before ordering it. If you need a Demo VPN account just email us at support [at] and we will setup a demo account for you for 24 hours and email you back with the details and you can test it for 24 hours for free and decide whether our VPN hosting suites your needs or not before ordering it.