We accept Liberty Reserve and WebMoney

We at Sh3lls.net are now accepting Liberty Reserve and WebMoney WMZ, you may send Liberty Reserve to U7128702 or send WebMoney / WMZ to our purse number Z519753619548 and emails us on support [at] sh3lls.net after sending the payment. Also sign up from our website and during sign up select your mode of payment as check/invoice
Please make sure to include the following in your email:

Postal Code / zip Code:
Desired Package:
Desired Username:
Desired Password:

NOW Sh3lls.net VPN hosting with shared ip also gives encryption

Now Sh3lls.net VPN Hosting with shared ip also gives encryption. Earlier our VPN with shared ip was using NAT and was not having encryption either, but now we have changed the technology and now our VPN with shared ip also gives encryption and now we don’t use NAT with shared ip VPN but instead we are now allocating real ips, but dynamic, everytime you connect to your VPN server there is a possibility that you will get a different ip (not guranteed for different ip, depends how many other users are connected to the server), so now P2P and all kind of application works even with our Shared IP VPN.

DNS Control Panel Live

We at Sh3lls.net have been getting requests from our clients to provide some sort of control panel for DNS so that they can manage their domains that are hosted with us for vhosts or ircd, but till now we were using bind for DNS and there is no good and/or secure control panel for bind so we were not able to provide a control panel to our clients for the DNS, but now we have migrated to PowerDNS for named/DNS (only for vhosts and ircd). So now we are able to provide a control panel to all our clients if their domain is hosted with us for their vhosts and/or irc so now they don’t need to ask us to add/del records for domain every now and then now you can do it on your own at http://dns.sh3lls.net

I hope our clients will like it

Sh3lls.net servers have the best uptime

We are proud to announce that Sh3lls.net’s server shark.sh3lls.net has the highest uptime as of today among all shell providers of the world. Our server sharks.sh3lls.net is having uptime of more then 1110 days now, can any other UNIX shell provider beat it? Well we know the answer and it’s a BIG NO.

Below is the screenshot of our server shark.sh3lls.net server uptime

Shark.sh3lls.net Server Uptime
Shark.sh3lls.net Server Uptime

So here is one more reason to switch to Sh3lls.net

Sh3lls.net website outages resolved

Some of our users have noticed our site going up and down in the last few days, well it’s all resolved now, some newbie shell providers have been doing DDOS attacks on our nameservers to keep our website down, but we have now got 6 redundant nameservers setup, and all seems good, so now there should be no further issues.

None of our shell or web servers were affected, just our website was going down for certain users.