SSH Tunnel Proxy Server Upgraded

In the last 1 week our SSH Tunnel Proxy server had some stability issues so to fix it we have got a completely new server with much better configuration and on a much faster network with DDOS protection.

The new server is also on 100 mbit port with CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz (3014.51-MHz 686-class CPU) (2 Cores)  and 2 GB Ram and lots of ips.

We have even upgraded the server to FreeBSD 7.1 Release, Most of the accounts are already migrated to the new server, but if you are still having issues accessing your account just email to

Benefits of using VPN hosting service with dedicated ip

Using VPN with dedicated ip has many benefits:

1) VPN with dedicated ip gives you an encrypted connection so your isp cannot sniff your data and find out what you are doing or which sites you are visiting.

2) As the connection is encrypted, if your isp has capped your connection for torrents or other download, it even removes it and lets you download at full bandiwidth that you have been allocated by your isp.

3) If you are in a school or office and if your connection is restricted or firewalled you can use VPN hosting with dedicated ip to bypass their firewalls as everything goes encrypted and your school or office admin will never ever be able to trace what you are doing.

4) If your isp is blocking you from using skype or other voip services then our VPN service with dedicated ip is the solution as it will bypass your ISP firewall and let you use all services including skype and other voip services.

5) Are you into gaming and/or irc and being ddosed then you can use VPN service with dedicated ip, as dedicated ip vpn service is highly DDOS protected and you don’t need to worry about ddos anymore.

6) Is your isp or country banned from certain sites and you want to visit them you can use VPN service with dedicated ip for it as it completely changes your PC ip to a dedicated ip assigned specially for you.  You will get a US IP with RDNS of your choice if you want to have it. So now you will be a user from US for the whole world.

There are many more benefits of using VPN Hosting Service with dedicated ip.

Recent Outage affecting 3 servers at

This is just to update about the recent outages that 3 servers, and of had in the past 24 hours. It happened as the datacentre was trying to upgrade their network and get new routers in, but for some reason the new routers were not working the way they were supposed to work. So after messing with them for 24 hours they have decided to switch back to the old routers, which are stable already. So now we can be rest assured that now all servers will be stable again.

If you have any further queries please submit a support ticket or email to support about it.

Network Upgrade and Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance at one of the datacentrs affecting some of the IRC Shell and VPN servers

Following servers are hosted at Sharktech:,,,

We just got notified by Sharktech that they will be performing network maintenance on Friday 04/03/2009 11PM CST. They will be switching their edge and core routers to cisco and migrating their network Layer3 routing to cisco. This upgrade will take around 1.5-2 hours. This upgrade/maintenance will separate their network completely from FDC network resulting into faster networks with more stability and better ddos protection. Sharktech has currently acquired their own ASn and leased fiber waves from CBOT to Equinix where they will have 2 Tier1 providers TATA and COMCAST connections with 10Gbps connections. This will drastically increase network performance and enhance ability to protect you against DDOS attacks.